Simi Valley-Upper Stagecoach Trail/Rocky Peak Trailhead

Trail Stats: 2.8 miles one way, 1288 ft. elevation gain. This trail is suitable for hikers, sure-footed horses, and intermediate/advanced mountain bikers. It’s a wonder how wagons used to maneuver on these narrow trails with many ups and downs meandering through sandstone peaks. Stagecoach trail is steep with switchbacks and rocky technical sections.   Buy the Trail Book   Share this:ShareFacebookGoogleTumblrPinterestTwitterLinkedInReddit

Santa Rosa Valley-Hill Canyon Trail/Hawk Canyon Loop

Trail Stats: 5.1 miles, 500 ft. elevation gain This trail is good for horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking. This scenic trail has firm, smooth footing with many rocky areas; the hills are moderate. You will climb a moderate rocky hill in full sun leading to a mesa with views. The trail descends down the hill to a shaded single track with poison oak lining the trail. It is very scenic. Beginning at the main parking lot, equestrians can head right and go over the deep water crossing. Hikers and bikers should cross over the bridge along Hill Canyon Rd.   Buy the Trail Book   Share...

Backbone Trail – Backbone Trail to Trancas Canyon

Trail Stats: 5.1 miles one way 10.2 miles round trip, 2200 ft elevation gain round trip This route is an out and back. The elevation includes round trip. This is a picturesque, non-technical, single track with a lot of climbing. This is a good trail for a windy day. The trail is lined with tall shrubs and trees most of the time.   Buy the Trail Book Share this:ShareFacebookGoogleTumblrPinterestTwitterLinkedInReddit

Backbone Trail – Kanan Road to Corral Canyon Road

Trail Stats: 6.3 miles, 12.6 round trip, 2600 ft. elevation Popular single track trail with many blind turns. The trail drops in and out of the canyons with partial shade to full sun. The footing changes frequently from firm smooth ground to loose rocks and sandstone. The hills range from moderate to steep sections. This is an intermediate to advanced bike ride.   Watch the Video     Buy the Trail Book   Share...

Backbone Trail – Encinal Canyon Rd to Yerba Buena Rd – Malibu

Trail Stats: 9.2 miles one way, 18.4 miles round trip, 2500 ft total elevation gain NOTE: The trail trespasses through private property on Eltz Meloy Mtwy, National Park Service has asked the public not to use Eltz Meloy Mtwy while an easement is being pursued. Check the NPS website or for status. Some day we will enjoy this lovely trail.   The trail is a great beginner/intermediate ride or any level. The single track is very pleasant with sweeping turns, smooth footing, and a gradual incline with partial shade and ocean views on the first 3.5 miles. The steep fire road climb begins for approximately 1.5 miles with ocean views leading to another single track with ocean views for approximately 4 miles. The grade is moderate and the footing is...