Triunfo Creek Park-Pentachaeta Trail/Westlake Vista Trail

Trail Stats: 4 miles, 750 ft elevation gain This is a pleasant area. The Pentachaeta Trail is good for all uses. The Pentachaeta Trail is an intermediate trail and a moderate grade with loose and embedded rocks. The ┬átrail leads from Lindero Canyon Road to Triunfo Canyon Road. Westlake Vista Trail is a hiking and equestrian trail. From the trailhead Westlake Vista Trail travels south and Pentachaeta Trail travels east. Westlake Vista Trail becomes a hike a bike trail for bikes as you near the reservoir.   Buy the Trail Book Share...

Thousand Oaks – Hillcrest Open Space

Trail Stats: 4.5 miles, 1400 ft elevation gain The recommended direction of travel for mountain biking and hiking is counter clockwise traveling down the steep hill, and clockwise for horseback riders traveling up the steep hill. This area is wide open with no shade, steep non-technical hills, and wide fire roads. The footing is hard packed with few rocks. There are panoramic views on the ridge. This area is dry. Hillcrest Open Space Video   Buy the Trail Book Share this:ShareFacebookGoogleTumblrPinterestTwitterLinkedInReddit