Upper Las Virgenes Open Space – Laskey Mesa Loop

Trail Stats: 8 miles, 850 ft elevation gain The trails in Upper Las Virgenes Open Space are non-technical, wide open fire roads with full sun exposure spotted with oak trees. The grade is moderate with firm, smooth footing. Laskey Mesa Loop is good for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and families. There are many hikers on the Laskey Mesa Loop throughout the day.   Buy the Trail Book Share this:ShareFacebookGoogleTumblrPinterestTwitterLinkedInReddit

Thousand Oaks-Spring Canyon Trail

Trail Stats: 1.6 miles one way, 300 ft elevation gain Spring Canyon trail is an out and back. It is a popular trail used by hikers, families, and mountain bikers. Spring Canyon trail is the connector for the Los Robles West Trail. The footing is firm with rocks; the grade is moderate. The trail leads to an open field next to a park.   Share this:ShareFacebookGoogleTumblrPinterestTwitterLinkedInReddit

Simi Valley-Wood Ranch/Woodridge/Challenger Park

Trail Stats: 4.9 miles, 700 ft elevation gain Most of the trail is exposed to the sun with little shade. This scenic trail is good for families, novice mountain bikers, hikers, and equestrians. The footing is firm and smooth, and the hills are moderate. This trail feels like you are far away from civilization while being so close.   Buy the Trail Book   Share this:ShareFacebookGoogleTumblrPinterestTwitterLinkedInReddit

Simi Valley-Sage Ranch Loop

Trail Stats: 2.4 miles, 400 ft. elevation gain The trail is a great getaway in a beautiful remote area. The footing is firm and smooth with sandy patches. The hills are moderate. The entire loop is on a plateau with views. It seems like the ride is downhill with a couple short hills in the counterclockwise direction. The trail is surrounded by sandstone peaks and grassy slopes. There isn’t much for shade on the trail, but there are trees to rest under.   Buy the Trail Book   Share...

Simi Valley-Las Llajas Canyon Trail to Rocky Peak Trail

Trail Stats: 5.2 miles one way, 10.4 miles round trip; 1600 ft total elevation gain Las Llajas Cyn Trail is a wide trail of moderate grade, soft smooth footing with sandy sections. This route is good for equestrians, novice mountain bikers, and families. Some trail users turn around just before the climb at the oil well. Las Llajas Canyon Trail begins as a partly shady moderate trail for approximately 3 miles leading to the oil well. The trail climbs quickly for approximately one mile leading to rewarding panoramic views.   Buy the Trail Book Share...